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EPS Pelletizer (EPS Melting Machine)

eps pelletizer

EPS pelletizer is used for changing EPS to PS pellets. It crushes wasted EPS products or scraps to small pieces and then melts and extrudes the material into the shape of noodle. The plastic noodles are then cooled to become hard and cut to pellets. EPS foam pelletizing machine can recycle PES packing products, EPS insulation sheets, PS fast food boxes, XPS sheets, etc. The regenerated PS pellets are used for producing XPS sheets, stationery, toys and plastic products. EPS pelletizer is composed of crusher, pelletizer, cutting machine, hopper, cooling water and switchboard.

Main Features
1. EPS foam pelletizing machine has a compact structure which occupies less space.
2. EPS pelletizer has high production capacity. It is energy-saving and environmental friendly.
3. This EPS melting machine machine has a single-screw design. The screw and hopper of the lead machine are made of No.45 steel. The screw and hopper of the lower machine are made of 38CRMOAL.
4. The finished pellets feature good plasticization effect and highly smooth surface. They are not easy to break.
5. EPS pelletizer is capable of continuously working for 24 hours a day.

EPS Pelletizer
Item Model Screw Diameter (mm) Length/Diameter Ratio Output Screw Rotating Speed (rpm) Power
FY-FPU-160-90 Φ160-Φ90 4:1-8:1 50-70 560/65 29
FY-FPU-185-105 Φ185-Φ105 4:1-8:1 100-150 560/65 45


In addition to EPS pelletizer, Wealth Company also provides cold storage warehouse, condensing unit, air cooler, cold room door, PU sandwich panel, etc. Our enterprise integrates independent research and development, manufacture, marketing and service. At present, we are the only supplier in China to supply EPS raw material production line overseas successfully. If you are interested in our EPS foam pelletizing machine, please feel free to contact us.

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